Hello everyone!! My name is Dionshay Larry. I am so grateful to serve as your ASO Historian. I am entering in my last year at LATTC as a Psychology major. I am expected to transfer in 2020. I joined ASO to show students that your past does not define your future. I love inspiring & motivating others to become the person they wish you be. My favorite quote is “Lifting as We Climb”, which means as we elevate in our lives we are lifting one another up to be great.



My name is Cristian Alvarez. I am entering my second year at LATTC as a Computer Science and Engineering Major and expect to transfer in 2021. Like many incoming students, I am part of the Los Angeles College Promise Program. During my first year at LATTC (2018-2019) I served as the ASO Treasurer (Fall 2018) and the ASO Vice-President (Spring 2019). At the start of the 2019 Summer Semester I was appointed as the ASO Treasurer and am looking forward to serving all LATTC students during my term. I’m very approachable and am always willing to help others!




My name is Nia Smith. I am the ASO Secretary. I spend most of my time in Redwood Hall, soon to be C2. I like to help people, that’s why I joined ASO. It’s a fantastic platform to meet people and work with others. I enjoy what I do and I work really hard to connect with people, who they need to meet. I’m also an architecture student. I want to build big beautiful sustainable houses that help the housing crisis. I can’t wait to work on a ton of awesome projects and events for all of the students this year.

WELCOME ASO Parliamentarian Ana Hernandez



My name is Ana Hernandez, I am an AB540 student and my major is Liberal Arts: Social Behavior & Nursing . I joined ASO to show love & advocate for student success. I am here to serve all LATTC students. If you need help with any AB540 struggles please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I may be able to help and if i can’t I will find someone who can.




Hello my name is Vincent Rogers.

Major is English, The reason why I got involved in Associated Student Organization, is my involvement with the Inter-Club Council. The overall reason is both organizations are tied together in supporting campus morale and spirit. To me, this is important to let the students know, they are an important aspect of why our campus is important. My future aspects for ASO is, to find other fellow students to become a part of ASO. To get students to come together and start clubs.



Welcome ASO PRESIDENT Nelson Chabarria


Hello everyone! My Name is Nelson Chabarria and I am proud to serve as your ASO President. When I am not making my friends laugh I am helping out my classmates with whatever they need. I greatly enjoy helping out people and this platform is a great way to express this part of myself. Trade Tech is an awesome campus with a wide range of fantastic students, yet there is allot of work to be done. Let’s build our campus and community with determination and heart. We are in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles after all. Go Beavers!