ASO Applications

Special Election Application


Regular Election Applications:

Position Application
President  Executive Board – President 
Vice President  Executive Board – Vice President 
Treasurer  Executive Board – Treasurer 
Parliamentarian  Executive Board – Parliamentarian 
Historian  Executive Board – Historian 
Secretary  Executive Board – Secretary 
Commissioner of Environmental and Sustainable Affairs  Commissioner – C.E.S.A 
Commissioner of Athletic  Commissioner – Athletics 
 Commissioner of Campus Safety  Commissioner – Campus Safety 
Commissioner of Cultural Activities  Commissioner – Cultural Activities
Commissioner of Fundraising  Commissioner – Fund Raising 
Commissioner of Evening Students Affairs  Commissioner – Evening Student Affairs
Commissioner of Social Activities  Commissioner – Social Activities 
Commissioner of Health Services  Commissioner – Health Services
Commissioner of Student Services  Commissioner – Student Services 
Commissioner of Public Relations  Commissioner – Public Relations 
Commissioner of Campus Beautification  Commissioner – Campus Beautification
Senator of Departments